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0871 55 000 16

18+ only. Calls cost 10p per minute from a BT landline. Mobile networks vary. Helpdesk 01366 328 914. SP = Meridian Telecom Kings Lynn

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Hi and welcome to Chat 2 Girls! 0871 55 000 16
Hundreds of genuine callers from all over the U.K.
Use this cheap chat line every day so pick up the phone and Chat 2 Girls!
Its a simple to use service which includes the following features:


  • Live 121 chat
  • Instant Message Exchange
  • Message Relay and Review
  • Caller Blocking Option
  • Private Messaging
  • Skip Facility
  • 24 Hour Monitoring



You must be 18 years or over | Calls cost 10p per minute from a BT landline network extras apply | all live elements are recorded
Service provided by Meridian Telecom Kings Lynn PE33 9PZ
Helpdesk -
01366 328 914